Monday, July 22, 2013

Online Collaboration Round 1

Alright, we are just a few weeks away from school starting up again, and I am sure some of us teachers are feeling the dread. Early wake up calls, long days, long evenings, work over the weekends... We can easily get into the negative feel of things!

But lets not do that this year! Let's get excited! Whoo! :)

I want to start a string of good ideas, things that will make your classroom AMAZING this year! If you are anything like me, you have been talking to other teachers, researching online, and pinning great ideas that you want to use in your classroom.

Your creative ideas can help another teacher out, so lets start some online collaboration! I am going to to start with a pin I found this morning that I am absolutely in love with, and then, I want you to share a pin or idea you have found. If there is a link to go with it, we would all appreciate it as well. This can be any grade, any subject, because we can all alter things to fit our classroom. Who knows what we might find!

Then, here is the best part: watch and steal everyone else's great ideas! :) Sounds like fun to me!

Alright, here is the pin I found! It's the little things in a classroom that can make it much more comfortable, and this year, since I have a ton of windows, I want to make curtains. I am horrible with a needle, but no worries, because I found these amazing no sew and inexpensive curtains made out of plastic tablecloths! If you didn't know, you can get those cheap at the Dollar Tree. Here is the link if you are interested as well!

Alright, awesome teachers, what ideas do you have for this year! Start sharing so we can steal from you!! :)

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