Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Time to dust off the old blog and try again... Yes, I did just miss an entire month of blogging. No, it wasn't intentional. Due to moving, the 'Great Internet Fiasco of 2012,' and just life in general, I haven't been on here to make a new blog.

A lot has happened in the last month for me as a first year teacher. I don't think you want to sit and read about it all, but that is my guess. I don't think any of you are that bored... :)

So, to make a long story short, I figure I will do what I am best at: a list! Here you have it, some of the funny things that have happened to me the last month!

You Know You are Ms. Forster, the First Year Teacher, When...

1. Your students have lost track of how many times you have sang "Why Can't We Be Friends?!"   to the projector in your room.

2. You leave your keys at home on a Monday, sneak into your room via the classroom next door (thank goodness for connecting closets ), and then lock yourself out a total of 7 times throughout the day. 3 of those times, you have students in the classroom... haha... ha.

3. You have worn a cowboy hat into the hallway, all the while speaking in an accent and dancing around. Your students loved it. The 6th graders, not so much... Therapy, anyone?? :)

4. You have a lab stool in your classroom closet, and hide in there for five minutes at lunch every day, all the while playing "Cut The Rope." The funny thing is, you aren't ashamed.

5. You have finally given into the peer pressure and learned the One Direction songs.

6. Your new theme song on the drive home ALWAYS has something to do with summer or summer.

7. You spend more time on Teachers Pay Teachers than Pinterest (for those of you that know me, that is a HUGE deal!)

8. Your students are tired of hearing you say, "I found this idea on Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers!" :)

9. You swear a student said, "Miss, I need help!" while you were making dinner the other night at your apartment.

10. You wake up late almost every morning during the week, but wake up at 5:20 every Saturday morning, ready for another day. (Curse you, early start schools!!)

11. You have convinced your students, on more than one occasion, that the calls you are getting in your room are from your 'boyfriend.' (NOTE: This really gets your kids quiet fast! haha)

12. Your students don't know how to say your name, so they oftentimes call you Ms. Forest or Ms. Forter. They apparently have trouble remembering Ms. F.

13. You and your students had just decided to move to Canada, when you started a new unit in geography. You have since decided Guatemala is waaaay cooler. (This will probably be a continuing trend...)

14. You are counting down the days to a 3 day weekend you actually get to participate in!


15. You are loving every minute of this crazy thing you call teaching!

Have a great week guys! I promise to be back next week on schedule!

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  1. Ha! Go to Canada. The French are so much cuter.
    And also, that's funny how they get quiet to hear about your boyfriend. If you teach about Queen Victoria, you should tell her that your boyfriend is the next Edward.