Sunday, January 13, 2013

Did she die?....

Wow! How times flies! It has been a few... days... since my last update. However, after some rather obvious reminders (...Barb... haha) I realized it has been three months, and then some, since I last wrote on here. Whoops! I know you all have been waiting for this next update anxiously, so I thought I would try... again...

At least I know what my New Year Resolution will be.... :)

I don't even know where to start with this post, seeing as so much time has passed. I say, lets start with the good!

My kids keep me smiling everyday. I have no choice otherwise. They are so very goofy and just know how to enjoy life! We have had some good laughs together. Some highlights from our classroom have been:

-When Ms. Forster was taught the official "One Direction" dance in the hallway. Those poor six graders... They are never going to want to enter my room.

-Making Mayan numbers out of candy on Halloween. Such a fun project (not to mention delicious!)

-The day a student boldly announced, "I studied like a little girl for this quiz!...... wait... That makes no sense! What am I saying?!" (We still don't know what he really meant to say)

-Growing snakes in water for my one math class and calculating how big they were supposed to get. 

-The video clip of Ms. Forster 'dancing' with One Direction the day before Winter Break. It was an experience for us all! (JibJab=lifesaver)

-Amanda Everlove speaking to us about her Paralympic experiences and eating pizza with a select group of students!

Sadly, first year teaching isn't all peachy keen. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they are not being honest. I have had my ups and downs as a first year teacher. Some things that I have learned are:

-A good behavior management program. We are finally headed in the right direction with a positive-based program, rather than a program that focuses on negative actions. 

-Don't let people discourage you from trying new things. You will miss out on some great chances with your kiddos!

-Organization is key to EVERYTHING you do!!!!

-As a first year teacher, you will have sick days. No questions asked. So, instead of letting them stress you out, approach them as a (forceful) chance to take some much needed rest. You can catch up on worrying when you get back! (Note: I am still working on this one!)

I am still learning, and growing, but luckily, I have some amazing colleagues who help me out, some amazing education role models to look to for guidance, and some rather fantastic students who take me for who I am and are always willing to laugh at my mistakes. They are the greatest, at least I think so!

But, who knows. Maybe I am a little biased? :)

Until next... time... hopefully next week!!

This blog update was sponsored by the Camp Hope Newsletter (I promise I will get my application in ASAP!). :)

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